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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

TFGT 101: Best Of - Vol. 1

TFGT 101: Best Of - Vol. 1

The podcast continues! First, we answer a voicemail that missed the cut for episode 100. Then, enjoy a look back at some of the more entertaining moments from the first 100 episodes! Thanks for listening, and stay tuned for our E3 2018 predictions.

Featuring voicemail from:
Jude - https://www.youtube.com/GrandMasterJude/

e100 title card font:
Hylia Serif - http://artsyomni.com/hyliaserif

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  1. This was a fun listen. Crossover podcast could be entertaining.

    Whether or not Dragon Quarter is a good Breath of Fire game is debatable and depends a lot on how you define that. It's still a solid game in its own right though.

    I actually recently wrote an article about it: http://blog.eremiticgames.com/2018/04/28/the-race-to-the-sky/


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