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Friday, April 19, 2019

AMURO RAY IS CANADIAN | Spring 2019 Anime Preview

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Monday, April 15, 2019

Spring 2019 "We Aren't Dead!" Update

Hey folks, Carlos here. No excuses, no BS, let's get right to it: life is hard, and putting out more podcasts and Anime Raves has been my last priority.

That does not mean I want to stop. Dave doesn't want to either. It just means that it's been a while since we've put out a bunch of actual content, and we know it. That sucks because we want to be in a position where we can make this our job, but it isn't and have to accept it, at least for now.

We aren't dead. We love doing this. We love that we have tens of fans for some reason.

More stuff is coming. Look for our Spring 2019 Anime Preview video this week.

But there are going to be a few changes going forward, because there must be.

Backlogpocalypse 2019, my ambitious plan to work on and clear our huge backlog, is not happening. Maybe if I get a huge windfall in the next few months and can hire editors, but barring that, I have to be realistic when it comes to my own capabilities and motivation.

Copyright claims and takedowns are too frequent, and we're going to be doing more analysis and discussion over stills than actual reactions over video. I feel people like our analysis more; Dave thinks it's the reactions. Regardless, realistically, we can't keep our channels alive fighting so many copyright takedowns.

Our Patreon supporters deserve more, and we know it. Look for our Patreon page to flesh out quite a bit over the coming weeks.

Before signing off, a big, heartfelt thank you from me and Dave to anyone who, for some mysterious reason, enjoys Carlos and Dave Anime Rave and/or Two Fat Guys Talk. Our fanbase is small, but that they exist at all blows us away. Thank you, truly. Stay tuned.

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