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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Can't Keep Us Down For Long

Hey folks, Carlos here. We might be back sooner than expected. Give us, like, another week or two for new Anime Rave videos. You might get a Two Fat Guys Talk podcast episode sooner than that, too, like 92% chance, so feel free to submit voicemail questions for it (on our site, click Send Voicemail on the right).

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Indefinite Hiatus - Computer Died

Hey all, Carlos here. I co-host Two Fat Guys Talk and the Carlos and Dave Anime Rave. I also edit and produce both shows.

And my only computer, my only workstation, well it died.

When I get a new one, there will be more reviews, reactions, and podcasts. Until then, we're on hiatus indefinitely.

Apologies, and thank you for listening and watching.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

July/August 2017 Update

Hey y'all. Carlos here with a quick update on what to expect from the Carlos and Dave Anime Rave / Two Fat Guys Talk this summer.

Later this week, no later than Saturday July 15, we'll release our reaction to and review of Senki Zesshou Symphogear AXZ episode 1, aka season 4 episode 1. Included in that video will be our reaction/review for season 1. When we release our review of s4e2, it will include our review of season 2, and ditto for s4e3/season 3.

Next week we will release our reviews of/reactions to the Castlevania Netflix series (spoiler alert: it's good), the latest episodes of My Hero Academia, and the beginning of Star vs. The Forces of Evil season 3.

We're perpetually busy, both IRL and working through awful, unwarranted copyright claims on YouTube, so please bear with us as we sort through it all and get reviews out.

As always, thank you so much for watching and listening.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

e097: Final Fox? Storming Mini-Consoles With Blood and Such!

e097: Final Fox? Storming Mini-Consoles With Blood and Such!

Plenty in this episode, so here are some timestamps:

0:00:29 - The SNES Classic Mini! Is it worth it? Is Star Fox 2's inclusion important?

0:15:41 - Is Chrono Trigger overrated? One of the two fat guys thinks so, and shits on Masato Kato too.

0:17:52 - Carlos craps on Nintendo for leaving Argonaut Games out to dry over Star Fox 2.

0:23:43 - Final Fantasy XIV! Before we get to the good stuff, we first talk about how terrible it was pre-Realm Reborn, and how much Final Fantasy XI sucks.

0:38:36 - Carlos and Dave get to A Realm Reborn and the latest expansion, Stormblood. Both really like it!

0:49:19 - Carlos and Dave have a heated "debate" about whether Stormblood's new skill changes offer "more customization" than before. Quotations because it's not a debate: one side presents facts while the other "disagrees" with facts.

1:01:13 - We get past said "debate" and spend the rest of the episode talking about Final Fantasy XIV, World of WarCraft, and MMOs in general.

1:26:05 - Final Fantasy character and place names have been getting progressively worse for years now, and XIV is the biggest offender...

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Friday, June 23, 2017

[Review] [Reaction] My Hero Academia season 2 eps. 9-12 simuldub

The first video is the episode hosted on YouTube; if it's down due to some bogus copyright claim, hit the jump (i.e., click Read more below) and watch the second video instead.

We review more of My Hero Academia! Ice meets fire. Optimism meets reality. Bakugou wins indignantly.