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Saturday, February 6, 2016

[Review] Senran Kagura ep. 1 Dub

Last we left our heroes, they were under assault by Senran Kagura's general terribleness. For reasons unknown they decided to try out the first episode of the dub...

Friday, January 22, 2016

Re: The December 2015 and January 2016 Anime Rave Hiatus

Greetings folks, Carlos here. Been a bit since a Carlos and Dave Anime Rave video went up, and thought I'd come explain why.

Firstly, we aren't dead! We haven't quit, either! We've been a) busy and b) dealing with hosting. On the former: the holiday season, etc. You know the drill. On the latter: read on.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

e080: The 4th Annual Fat Guy Predictions Episode!

e080: The 4th Annual Fat Guy Predictions Episode!

e080: The 4th Annual Fat Guy Predictions Episode!

It's time for that annual tradition again! Carlos and Dave predict the future, and look back at last year's predictions.

0:00:00 - How accurate were our last set of predictions? Find out here! Spoiler alert: Dave won.

0:13:21 - What does 2016 hold? Oracles Carlitos and Davaniel make educated guesses/take shots in the dark! We also briefly touch on how Cartoon Network UK altered Steven Universe in a less-than-progressive way, the Deadpool movie, the VR fad, white guy Dr. Strange, and the apparently still alive Mace Windu.

0:34:22 - Super Star Wars on PlayStation 4 makes Carlos want a Super Force Awakens. Also, Dave talks more about that shiny new XBone he got, and the Gears of War remake.


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Monday, December 21, 2015

e079: No Seriously They Made Star Wars Episode VII

e079: No Seriously They Made Star Wars Episode VII

A heaping helping of The Force Awakens with a side of Final Fantasy in this 100+ minute monster.

Notable timestamps:

0:00:00 - Star Wars: The Force Awakens; it's a movie that we watched! What did we think of it?

0:33:01 - Voice mail from Meowth (http://twitter.com/meowth900) and Chris (http://gamenpals.blogspot.ca/) on Yuki Yuna Is A Hero, Dave's infuriating sub/dub preferences, yet more Star Wars, Amazon and Apple's potential entry into the game console market, unlikely real time strategy (RTS) games, and if Final Fantasy VII Remake means Square Enix is desperate.

1:14:42 - A sad and angry Carlos talks about the Steam port of Final Fantasy VI, one of the trashiest, laziest ports of any game he's ever played.

1:27:22 - Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae! Carlos is back on board after giving the demo another chance.

1:31:40 - Dave got an XBox One. We talk about the quirky (read: incompetently laid out) interface. Also why in the hell do XBone controllers not come with battery packs?


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

e078: Nelvana Ruined Everything Also Sony

e078: Nelvana Ruined Everything Also Sony

Heavy Sony focus in this episode, thanks to PlayStation Experience on December 5.

Notable timestamps:

0:00:55 - Carlos and Dave talk about how "Somebody That I Used to Know" is the WORST SONG EVER MADE AND IN FACT SOME SORT OF PUNISHMENT FOR HUMANITY'S SINS. Also rap talk and how it related to Li Syaoron from Cardcaptor Sakura.

0:06:42 - Batman v Superman trailer 3 makes the movie look... not horrible? Would be a nice surprise after the disappointing Man of Steel. Star Wars and The Hunger Games talk round things out.

0:17:55 - Final Fantasy 7 Remake looks good, actually. (Note that we recorded this before we heard the remake will be released in multiple episodes; we'll have more thoughts on that next podcast.) Carlos says horrible things about Tetsuyo Nomura's mother?

0:26:11 - More about PSX.

0:32:12 - Crowdfunded games talk, specifically Psychonauts 2 and Indivisible.

0:46:27 - Gears of War reminiscing. Remember when Boomers were scary?


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

[Review] Gravity Falls season 2 ep. 19

"Weirdmageddon Part 2: Escape From Reality" gives us good Pines twin bonding and sibling-got-your-back-ness. Good stuff from the series' penultimate episode.

Monday, November 23, 2015

e077: Eee Zero Seven Seven

e077: Eee Zero Seven Seven

Nintendo Direct, Gravity Falls ending, the awfulness in Paris, and more.

Notable timestamps:

0:00:00 - Paris attacks. Anger, emotion, confusion, all that.

0:04:02 - Wouldn't be a shitty week without terrorist movement GamerGate using said Paris attacks to try and get Sikh man and wonderful human being Veerender Jubbal killed.

0:11:18 - The latest Nintendo Direct! And Dave and Carlos go mild.

0:17:03 - Cloud Strife joins Smash 4. Let's talk about that.

0:24:46 - NEO BOWSER CITY. Mario games and same-y-ness.

0:28:59 - Gravity Falls is coming to an end. People are sad. Gravity Falls is awesome. Let's talk about that.

0:50:27 - Dave talks Just Cause 3 and Carlos ruins it.