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Sunday, January 10, 2016

e080: The 4th Annual Fat Guy Predictions Episode!

e080: The 4th Annual Fat Guy Predictions Episode!

It's time for that annual tradition again! Carlos and Dave predict the future, and look back at last year's predictions.

0:00:00 - How accurate were our last set of predictions? Find out here! Spoiler alert: Dave won.

0:13:21 - What does 2016 hold? Oracles Carlitos and Davaniel make educated guesses/take shots in the dark! We also briefly touch on how Cartoon Network UK altered Steven Universe in a less-than-progressive way, the Deadpool movie, the VR fad, white guy Dr. Strange, and the apparently still alive Mace Windu.

0:34:22 - Super Star Wars on PlayStation 4 makes Carlos want a Super Force Awakens. Also, Dave talks more about that shiny new XBone he got, and the Gears of War remake.

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