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Friday, January 25, 2019

FIVE TIMES THE CUTE | Winter 2019 Anime Preview

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Thursday, January 3, 2019

TFGT 106: Bloodsport and Zoolander Make Carlos Cry

TFGT 106: Bloodsport and Zoolander Make Carlos Cry

Why were the Game Awards so hype? Why did the Best Friends Zaibatsu collapse? Is Dante from Devil May Cry depressed? Carlos cries to WHAT? All this and more on a (delayed) holiday episode of Two Fat Guys Talk. The Sword vs. Moon Rod art is by the talented RedCaliburn; find her on Instagram and DeviantArt. Music tracks used were Bit Bit Loop, Patience Party, and Goodnightmare by Kevin MacLeod, found at https://FreePD.com. Be sure to visit our site at http://AnimeRave.xyz for more of this podcast and for Carlos and Dave Anime Rave, the best anime review and reaction show on the internet! If you like what you heard and can afford it, help keep us going by becoming a patron via the Patreon link on our site. If you can't afford it, no worries, just spread the word. Thank you for listening!