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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Video Format Update - Looking for Feedback

ATTN: Folks who watch the Carlos and Dave Anime Rave, the best anime review and reaction show on the internet, found at http://AnimeRave.xyz. I am the titular Carlos, and I am looking for some feedback.

Dave and I, we get hit with YouTube copyright notices and strikes, a lot. Like, a *lot*. It's a hassle to deal with at best, and sometimes brings down our joint YouTube channel and even my own personal channel for fairly long stretches.

Each individual review/reaction we upload is another potential copyright strike, with each take about a month to clear when I file counter-notifications. Since what we do falls under Fair Use law in both Canada and the US, every single strike, thus far, gets revoked.

But since each video is a potential strike, that's a lot of strikes. To circumvent this somewhat, I sometimes group reviews together, usually within the same series (e.g., a Steven Universe season). However, that means that sometimes we aren't putting out content shortly after the thing we're reviewing.

So I had a brainstorm, and this is where your feedback comes in: what if we did what we did in digests? Similar to the "Winter Four Fails" video we did not too long ago? I'm thinking weekly videos that each contain multiple reviews, each having like a 20-second Table of Contents at the beginning with timecodes.

The benefits: one video means, at most, one potential strike. And if they happened weekly, like every Friday, AND I use my own YouTube channel to space them out now and then, it would probably lead to a much more manageable stream of copyright notices. Plus, making it weekly means consistency for both our channel and my editing workload.

What say you? Would you be okay with this format? Would you watch the videos in their entirety, or just scroll to the timecode for the shows you cared about? Would you feel that's a hassle?

We want to hear from you about this.


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    1. May be insted of seasons or 4 episode casseroles, story arks covering 5-7 episodes with a pattern overly on the image to stop the copyright bots. Because you edit out the episodes sound in and out effectively already.

    2. I would still be pleased with the 4 episode Carlos casseroles or Dave's basement beseeching of Carlos.

    3. Funny you mention that: Dave and I were watching Linkara's latest History of Power Rangers and he has both a border and his website watermarked on the footage. I wondered if we shouldn't try the same.


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