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Thursday, May 18, 2017

[Review] [Reaction] My Hero Academia season 2 ep. 7 simuldub

We review more of My Hero Academia! Deku overcomes brainwashing. Todoroki makes a lot of ice. Carlos complains about pacing.


  1. I thought voltron was being saved for an anime season full of stines gates (torcher for Carlos)(ie slow). Glad to hear you like it though.
    Trollhunters might fill that emergency spot when you're plate isn’t full of a Holliday feast of good shows, but the dissipation mre equivalent. It has Last Star Fighter vibe. no you shouldn't use it to bale on anything already on your list, that's full of stuff people want to watch from you.

    1. Trollhunters is already on our list, as is Legend Quest, another Netflix cartoon.

    2. That's good, I'm just aware that my enthusiasm for a show that i think you'll like doesn't mean popularity or brod appeal and all the cuz of utubes algorithms stuff thats greek to me. That was alot of i and me in that sentence.


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