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Monday, November 23, 2015

e077: Eee Zero Seven Seven

e077: Eee Zero Seven Seven

Nintendo Direct, Gravity Falls ending, the awfulness in Paris, and more.

Notable timestamps:

0:00:00 - Paris attacks. Anger, emotion, confusion, all that.

0:04:02 - Wouldn't be a shitty week without terrorist movement GamerGate using said Paris attacks to try and get Sikh man and wonderful human being Veerender Jubbal killed.

0:11:18 - The latest Nintendo Direct! And Dave and Carlos go mild.

0:17:03 - Cloud Strife joins Smash 4. Let's talk about that.

0:24:46 - NEO BOWSER CITY. Mario games and same-y-ness.

0:28:59 - Gravity Falls is coming to an end. People are sad. Gravity Falls is awesome. Let's talk about that.

0:50:27 - Dave talks Just Cause 3 and Carlos ruins it.

"Sword vs. Moon Rod" art by RedCaliburn:
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