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Monday, July 6, 2015

e071: We Talk Stuff of Things and the Dudes That Do That

e071: We Talk Stuff of Things and the Dudes That Do That

Dave and Carlos have an impromptu discussion about controversies in both video games and the real world. Also, Dave gets annoyed. Very annoyed.

Notable timestamps:

0:02:43 = Marriage equality in the US. Go US! Also Greek austerity, the potentially (perpetually?) crumbling EU, and "southern pride."

0:13:36 - Nintendo and their fans' disgusting support of conversion therapy and homophobia/biphobia in Fire Emblem Fates. Also talk of transgender characters in Guild Wars 2 and how Blizzard is bigoted.

0:26:19 - Is the "Nintendo PlayStation" prototype is a hoax?

0:29:47 - Lazy PC ports are lazy. Yes this is an Arkham Knight rant. Also lazy porting in general, from any gaming platform to any other.

0:41:07 - Shoutouts to Kayin's latest game, Brave Earth: Prologue, coming to Steam Greenlight soon! His site: http://kayin.moe/. Yes that's the actual URL. Also shoutouts to WayForward's latest Shantae demo!

0:43:34 - Disney's Inside Out is awesome! We talk about how awesome it is.

0:54:13 - Voicemails! Meowth (@meowth900 on Twitter) talks more E3, show recommendations/slamming, Steven Universe developments, and voice actors who have sadly passed away. Then friends of the show Kiki and Po send in TRIPLE TRIAD!

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