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Sunday, June 21, 2015

e070: Three Es? The Week of Somewhat Disappointing Game Stuff!

e070: Three Es? The Week of Somewhat Disappointing Game Stuff!

Dave, Carlos, Kiki, and Po talk about dat E3 and how it... well, it definitely happened. That it happened is, in fact, a fact.

Notable timestamps:

0:03:04 - Kiki talks about building her cosplay for Otacon, which leads to Carlos talking about the wonderfully varied world of tape.

0:04:15 - The E3 talk begins! Carlos was generally unimpressed with both E3 and everyone's preparedness for the podcast. Dave liked a bunch of it. Po and Kiki enjoyed hearing about the wacky world that was the Square-Enix presentation. And a whole bunch more.

0:40:39 - TRIPLE TRIAD!

0:42:55 - TRIPLE TRIAD!

0:49:48 - More important and leading female characters in games? Yes please.

0:52:41 - Voicemails from Meowth (http://twitter.com/meowth900), Rowan (http://twitter.com/link6616), and... Po? More E3, Steven Universe, musicals, and more.

1:11:29 - We talk about how much Jurassic World sucked.

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