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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

e067: Lame No-Topic-Cast? Absurdist Ramblings Save From Obscurity!

e067: Lame No-Topic-Cast? Absurdist Ramblings Save From Obscurity!

Today Carlos, Dave, Kiki, and Po return with no real topic in mind. They talk about a bunch of stuff and answer five voicemails from Meowth (http://twitter.com/meowth900) and one from Rowan (http://twitter.com/link6616). It starts off slow but ramps up into our usual uncomfortable high.

Notable moments:

0:04:30 - Carlos confirmed slowest Civilization 5 player.

0:36:27 - ReBoot (the cartoon) and Friends (the sitcom) crossover.

0:48:45 - Dave thinks Gary Stu is a voice actor when he hears Meowth talk about Kirito from Sword Art Online. No, really, this is what Dave actually believes.

1:21:57 - Bambi (Disney) and Final Fantasy Tactics (the one with Ramza) crossover.

1:23:22 - Carlos lets loose with quite possibly the worst Popeye impression in the history of history.

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