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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

e064: 64-Bit? Silly Listeners, This Podcast Runs on an 8-Bit Core

e064: 64-Bit? Silly Listeners, This Podcast Runs on an 8-Bit Core

-- INDEX --

0:00:00 - Preamble & Opening Banter

0:02:11 - Mailbag & Corrections
- Voicemail from Meowth900 (@meowth900 on Twitter) and Adan (@absolutely_daft on Twitter).
- Wii U gaming talk.
- Shitting on the later seasons of Slayers (Revolution and Evolution-R).
- Carlos tries intentionally provoking Adan at Adan's request.

0:32:53 - WHAT YOU DO!? (Dave & Carlos catch up)

0:33:57 - Timed Jumps & Fist Bumps (Games)
- Castlevania Bloodlines is awesome and you should go play it.
- Law & Order SVU's gamer episode, and Carlos rightfully shitting on GamerGate again.
- StarCraft match fixing in Korea.
- Another Spider-Man movie reboot. Hey why is this in the Games section?
- Dead or Alive and lol "morality" (re: PC version modding).
- Gaming profiles for convenience and bragging rights.

0:58:32 - I Hope Dave-Sempai Notices Me (Anime & Manga)
- Yuuki Yuuna Wa Yuusha de Aru, aka YuYuYu, aka Yuki Yuna Is A Hero! Potential sequel upcoming, talk about the Epilogue light novel with Sonogo/Sonoko/Bandage Girl, more speculation about the canon, etc.
- Where the hell is Digimon Tri?
- Qualia the Purple fucked up Carlos' mind and continues to mess Carlos up. It's AMAZING though; go read it!

1:17:31 - Shitlord Saga
- The original shitlord returns! Let's talk about a man named Peter Molyneux...

1:27:43 - Parting Thoughts

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