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Monday, March 14, 2016

[Review] Star vs. The Forces of Evil ep. 24

The Star vs. The Forces of Evil first season finale, Storm the Castle, brings more questions than answers, but sets up some potentially really cool stuff to come.


  1. Replies
    1. The second vid doesn't work? Are you getting an error?

    2. saying its not compatible, so it might be my mac

    3. The vids we host are either mp4 or webm. This one us the latter. Safari doesn't much like webm (blame Apple for that one).

      I'm on my Windows machine right now; I'll be at my Mac later. I'll check if it'll play in another browser.

    4. Okay, I found the issue: Apple sucks and is taking years and years to support WebM. On my Mac, Safari won't play it, though Chrome does natively, and according to the web, Firefox does to. You can also, supposedly, install VLC and its Safari plugin, though I have no experience with that.

      This is a bummer and I apologize for this, organization13fan. WebM files compress super well (1-2 gigs for an MP4 vs. 250-ish megs for a WebM), and on my server, space is limited. If you nab Chrome (which is free), it'll play in there... or wait for our copyright dispute to settle in YouTube. Sorry again.

    5. Also added a download link, in case you have a player (VLC, etc.) on your machine that'll play it. Again, apologies for this: had I more server space, I'd make everything MP4s.


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