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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

e082: What a Bleak, Horrible Future We Live In

e082: What a Bleak, Horrible Future We Live In

A lot of topics today!

0:00:38 - The "PlayStation 4.5" rumor, and how the 32X never stopped being a bad idea. Carlos craps on VR and 3D s'more, while Dave defends them, though even Dave fears what David Cage would do with them...

0:08:34 - Is E3 still relevant?

0:12:35 - Windows 10 is showing up as a required update in Windows 7 and 8, and if you have your system set to automatically apply critical updates, it's getting updated. We weigh in.

0:16:47 - Street Fighter V, Pokken, and rage quitting. Also, IGN's idiotic review of Pokken...

0:20:26 - Cross-platform online gaming. Microsoft's big announcement, and what it could mean.

0:23:13 - The Division, and sudden, day-before-release announcements of platform-exclusive DLC.

0:28:29 - Apple vs. the United States Department of Justice.

0:33:07 - Nintendo's excuse for why the 3DS can't play SNES Virtual Console games. A lame excuse.

0:37:19 - YouTube's Subscriptions view no longer shows you all videos; you have to manually load up the pages of each account you follow to make sure you're not missing anything. Dave has a theory about this.

0:39:19 - Edmonton, as represented in Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. Also, speaking of obscure anime references, Argentosoma comes up. Jesus.

0:45:57 - Voicemail! Chris Weston (http://twitter.com/gameNpals) asks us about Lionhead and Fable and why Microsoft doesn't ever seem to learn...

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