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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

e081: We Got Nuthin'

e081: We Got Nuthin'

Short episode this time.

0:00:00 - Voicemails? Nope.

0:02:04 - The new Ghostbusters trailer, angry manchildren reactions, general thoughts, etc. We also respond to Izzy Nobre's impressions video (find it at http://youtu.be/SqxypMlcY8o - it's a good listen).

0:12:12 - Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice is out... this month? Holy shit! Will it be worth it?

0:13:53 - Deadpool has set a precedent for awesome, broadly-appealing R-rated films. Can other films, like the next Wolverine movie, capitalize? Should people be upset that Deadpool was so violent? Is DC going to try to cash-in on this?

0:22:10 - Extended cuts: not always good...

0:25:09 - How we'd continue the story of Lord of the Rings. Verbal rumbles ensue.

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