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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

TFGT/CDAR News, Updates, What's Going On, etc.

Hello everyone! Carlos here, from the award-winning [citation needed] podcast Two Fat Guys Talk and Time magazine's "most influential new video series of our time" [again this is going to require a freakin' citation] Carlos and Dave Anime Rave. I'm the loud over-talkative one that hates everything you love.

I want to talk a bit about Two Fat Guys Talk (TFGT, the bestest most awesomest abbreviation ever) and the Carlos and Dave Anime Rave (CDAR, possibly a better abbreviation). Specifically, our plans, the status of specific projects, and so on in that fashion until some semblance of an informative post takes shape. Here goes.

Right now, I'm in between day jobs, which means I should have tons of time to edit and put out new content (I do the editing and publishing), but I don't. It's a combination of many things: looking for new work, working on my spec scripts and manuscripts (there's a reason I blow a lot of hot air about any sort of fiction), familial/social obligations, and actually spending some time consuming the very entertainment I hope to be involved in making someday.

That's why you haven't been seeing new content every single day, though I think I've been pretty good at updating every week or so. But the CDAR backlog has grown rather large, and combined with wanting to put out videos on new shows reasonably quickly, I'm tailoring my approach to tackling the work ahead of me.

Fall 2014 Anime Season

UPDATE May 2017 - We're never getting back to our Fall 2014 reviews, barring any retrospectives/re-visits. Next time we try such a project we'll be far better prepared.

New Video Player

UPDATE October 2015 - We're using video.js and it rocks. Every video on the site should be using it. If you encounter any videos that aren't working, let me know.

Old vs. New

Our CDAR backlog is pretty big, and there's some gold in there, but we also want to stay somewhat current. So when selecting what to edit and put out, I'm going to pluck from both our latest projects and our earliest. My logic is that this way we tackle our backlog while simultaneously being hip and fresh with the young people (non-sexually). We are, after all, the voice of the new generation according to MSNBC [so many citations needed here].

Two Fat Guys Talk Podcast

The podcast is a blast and Dave and I have fun with it most of the time when it doesn't break down into arguments and accusations and gasoline/lighter fights. It will continue, though I definitely want to include friends of and often guests of the show Po and Kiki more frequently, because they add fun and contrasting elements to our sometimes routine, um, routine.

Hey remember how I used to put up a YouTube version of every episode? I stopped a while back because copyright strikes got in the way, but now every episode (68 as of this post) is on YouTube, and I'll update YouTube in the future with new podcast episodes in a more timely manner, assuming a copyright strike isn't stopping me.

I Have No Idea How To Conclude This Post

I like beef hard tacos and chickens soft tacos. Discuss.

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