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Friday, May 1, 2015

e068: Sixty-Eight? The Sixty-Eighth Episode of the Podcast!

e068: Sixty-Eight? The Sixty-Eighth Episode of the Podcast!

Today Carlos and Dave work without an outline and talk about various, um, things.

Notable timestamps:

0:02:30 - Mighty No. 9 demo impressions.

0:09:20 - Elder Scrolls 6: Valenwood talk. Just how is that pesky word pronounced?

0:14:33 - Does Mortal Kombat really need Fatalities to stay relevant and cool and hype and whatnot? We talk about this for quite a bit, including crossover implications. Also assorted fighting game topics for conversation.

0:41:43 - E3 2015 conference predictions!

0:49:56 - What’s a podcast without voicemails from Meowth (http://twitter.com/meowth900)? Not much of a podcast I’d say! She talks about anime/manga, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, school assignments, Mario Kart DLC, Patreon, and a bunch more.

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