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Thursday, June 29, 2017

e097: Final Fox? Storming Mini-Consoles With Blood and Such!

e097: Final Fox? Storming Mini-Consoles With Blood and Such!

Plenty in this episode, so here are some timestamps:

0:00:29 - The SNES Classic Mini! Is it worth it? Is Star Fox 2's inclusion important?

0:15:41 - Is Chrono Trigger overrated? One of the two fat guys thinks so, and shits on Masato Kato too.

0:17:52 - Carlos craps on Nintendo for leaving Argonaut Games out to dry over Star Fox 2.

0:23:43 - Final Fantasy XIV! Before we get to the good stuff, we first talk about how terrible it was pre-Realm Reborn, and how much Final Fantasy XI sucks.

0:38:36 - Carlos and Dave get to A Realm Reborn and the latest expansion, Stormblood. Both really like it!

0:49:19 - Carlos and Dave have a heated "debate" about whether Stormblood's new skill changes offer "more customization" than before. Quotations because it's not a debate: one side presents facts while the other "disagrees" with facts.

1:01:13 - We get past said "debate" and spend the rest of the episode talking about Final Fantasy XIV, World of WarCraft, and MMOs in general.

1:26:05 - Final Fantasy character and place names have been getting progressively worse for years now, and XIV is the biggest offender...

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