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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

e072: Predestination? The Only "Gods and Monsters" are People!

e072: Predestination? The Only "Gods and Monsters" are People!

Fun activity: see if you can guess the topics based on that title.

0:00:00 - Preamble & Opening Banter

0:01:28 - Timed Jumps & Fist Bumps (Games)
- RIP Satoru Iwata. Remembering his contributions to Nintendo and his corporate philosophy. How many executives choose to cut their own pay over laying off subordinates?

0:06:41 - The TV & Movies Section That Keeps TV & Movies Out of the Games Section
- Justice League: God and Monsters. Our thoughts on both the shorts and the feature itself. Could it get a sequel, and should it? If so, what new interpretations of DC characters would you want to see?
- (0:28:44) Terminator Genisys impressions. problems, and predestination paradox talk.
- (0:42:55) Is Steven Universe a great show or the greatest?

0:45:18 - I Hope Dave-Sempai Notices Me! (Anime)
- I'm the Main Character of a Harem Manga, but I'm Gay So Every Day is Hell For Me (by Ryosuke Kataoka): http://bit.ly/1TOr6oN (slightly NSFW). Discuss the brilliance.
- Thought experiment: we give anime the Justice League: Gods and Monsters treatment. Its villains as heroes, edgier heroes that are still heroic, etc.
- Random talk of scheduled knife fights with IWBTG creator Kayin over anime opinions, Gundam Wing sequels Dave didn't know about, and how Elfen Lied is the fucking worst thing ever.

1:05:58 - Mailbag & Corrections
- Voicemails from Meowth (http://twitter.com/meowth900) and Rowan (http://twitter.com/link6616).
- More on Satoru Iwata and Nintendo.
- We're asked to list the good things about Steven Universe. Done, with pleasure.
- What media has changed our perception of storytelling?

1:33:11 - Parting Thoughts

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