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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

e065: Voicemail? The Saga of a Title That Had to Change!

e065: Voicemail? The Saga of a Title That Had to Change!

-- INDEX --

0:00:00 - Preamble & Opening Banter
- Two Fat Guys AND FRIENDS sound off!
- Remembering Leonard Nimoy.

- 5 voicemails from @Meowth900 (on Twitter).
- 3 voicemails from @link6616 (also on Twitter).
- These voicemails and our responses are most of the remainder of the show. Details below.

0:05:46 - Meowth's Questions O' Plenty About Everything
- A bunch of opining about anime.
- The folly of MMOs where playing them can kill you in real life.
- Hard copies of games vs. digital downloads. Also, games that are difficult to find hard copies of, like stupid Xenoblade.
- What games should be on Nintendo's Virtual Console? How about *all of them*!

0:29:27 - Rowan (link6616) Blows Our Freakin' Minds
- We discuss what common, taken-for-granted gaming mechanic we'd change.
- Dave and Carlos are scumbags for not watching more Revolutionary Girl Utena.
- Carlos shits on Madoka Magica some more during an otherwise healthy talk about non-traditional protagonists in fiction.
- Rowan confuddles us with a mind-blowing thought experiment of epic proportions!

1:05:50 - One Last Question For Carlos
- A non-voicemail question for Carlos.

1:10:07 - Digimon Talk and Various Ramblings
- Phantomon freakin' blows. Angemon killed him *by accident*.
- Tai is awesome for beating the shit out of ghosts. While a child.
- What kind of stupid podcast is this?

1:14:54 - Parting Thoughts

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