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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

e061: Full Circle? 2014 Gaming Predictions Are Scrutinized Moistly!

e061: Full Circle? 2014 Gaming Predictions Are Scrutinized Moistly!

-- INDEX --

0:00:00 - Preamble and Opening Banter
- Including talk of Disney villains like Darth Vader and Thanos.

0:05:43 - Mailbag & Corrections
- Nothing this week, but send us voicemail for next time!

0:06:02 - WHAT YOU DO!? (Dave & Carlos catch up)
- Dave's new Wii U.
- Carlos' mythical "list."

0:09:30 - I Hope Dave-Sempai Notices Me (Anime)
- Carlos' obsession with yuri.
- OH GOD Evangelion talk.
- Heteronormative bullshit.

0:14:05 - Shitlord Saga
- Smash Bros. clone characters (and clones in other fighters).
- Barack Obama.

0:20:37 - Timed Jumps & Fist Bumps (Games)
- Street Fighter 5 issues and other fighting game talk.
- Where the hell is DOOM 4?
- Chris Benoit, or can create-a-character features go too far?
- (0:41:05) Looking back at our 2014 gaming predictions (hear the predictions at http://tfgtg.blogspot.com/2014/01/e040-2014-makes-most-man-moist.html).

1:05:23 - Parting Thoughts

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