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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Intro to Fall Anime 2014 (2/3) - Carlos and Dave Anime Rave

Intro to Fall Anime 2014 (2/3) - Carlos and Dave Anime Rave

-- UPDATE MAY 2015: We're still continuing Fall 2014 Anime stuff, but as audio podcasts only (most of the time). See this post for details: http://www.twofatguystalk.com/2015/05/tfgtcdar-news-updates-whats-going-on-etc.html
-- Intro part 2 of 3! We're going to do a series of video reviews on the Fall 2014 anime series, but before we do, we have some (audio-only) introductions to make, series synopses to go over, and trailers to watch! Listen to us do exactly that. We got the anime series info from http://anichart.net; they're a great resource any anime fan should visit! And visit http://twofatguystalk.com for everything about us and our anime review series, Carlos and Dave Anime Rave.

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