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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

e046: Jizzing in the Lifestream

e046: Jizzing in the Lifestream

-- Jizz. Amazon Fire. Jizz. Humble Bundle key resellers. Jizz. DMCA. Jizz. Shitty remakes when enhanced remakes of the same games already exist. Jizz. The Playstation TV still isn't out here. Jizz. April Fools jokes. Jizz. Fukua from Skullgirls. Jizz. Megaman. Jizz.  Mountain Dew corporate scumbaggery at GDC. Game culture versus movie culture. Jizz. More Smash Brothers news. Jizz. Wildstar. Jizz. Transistor and Child of Light look cool. Jizz. ... Jizz.

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