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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

e025: "8.672 out of 12.394 Half-Stars!" - Some Dumb Reviewer

e025: "8.672 out of 12.394 Half-Stars!" - Some Dumb Reviewer

-- An angry Carlos and a slightly less angry Dave talk about sad-ass game reviews. Lots of talk about PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and dumb, dumb Smash Bros. fanboys -- and reviewers (see, tied it in there) -- dismissing a great game because it doesn't have enough "flair" or Mario isn't in it or some shit. Dave and Carlos talk about what makes for good reviews, with Dave making a case for video reviews over text as the new norm. They also talk at length about censorship in games. Thoughtful and angry stuff!


  1. On Azure dreams. It has minor differences like some VA and such, but the gay relationship is just a myth. Not that I've actually played much of my japanese copy because import gaming takes effort...

    Also, really enjoyed the cast, one day may I write a review you would enjoy!

  2. What? But... but I thought it was there! With Ghosh!

    Hmmm.... I must tell Dave.

  3. Ghosh may be a sexy charming gent. But at least according to hg101 not on the market to dear dear protagonist.


    The Japanese and American games are pretty much the same deal. There are several rumors regarding Azure Dreams that have been floating around for years upon years. You can't marry any of the girls in the Japanese version, and you can't get Ghosh as a boyfriend. The marriage rumor is understandable, as the description of the ring in Fur's shop implies that you can propose, but you can't. As for Ghosh, when you go to the save screen, along the bottom the head of each girl that you've successfully wooed appears. The rumor was Ghosh was the last spot rather than Kewne, but he's not. The only difference is that the girls in the Japanese version have spoken audio voices. Otherwise, it's the same game.

  4. Well balls, I fell right into the rumors then. Thanks for the info!


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