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Friday, January 22, 2016

Re: The December 2015 and January 2016 Anime Rave Hiatus

Greetings folks, Carlos here. Been a bit since a Carlos and Dave Anime Rave video went up, and thought I'd come explain why.

Firstly, we aren't dead! We haven't quit, either! We've been a) busy and b) dealing with hosting. On the former: the holiday season, etc. You know the drill. On the latter: read on.

Okay, so here's the thing: we get hit by unwarranted copyright claims and YouTube Copyright Strikes often. Not a single one sticks, and sometimes publishers and copyright holders actually respect that Fair Use thing that our reviews fall under, and retract their claims. Good for them. Unfortunately, our video uptime is nowhere near where I'd like.

Cue me (Carlos, and hello again) using my hosting as a backup.

But whoops, I'm hitting my storage ceiling on my current hosting plan. Because of this, and for a few other reasons (I have plans, world domination plans), I'm currently upgrading to a VPS plan, planning for the finances, the new folder/hosting structure (different OSes), etc.

And... that's it, really. That, combined with working on my own serial podcast (Tales From The Orbis Aetherum; go listen!), Let's Plays, personal/professional endeavors, game design, and more, have kept me from regularly releasing Anime Raves.

But fret not: Dave and I love doing these, and there's tons coming.

Just give us some time to sort things out.

Much thanks, for understanding, and for listening to two fat jackasses ramble about anime and sometimes things that aren't anime. We are super, super appreciative.

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